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Dr. Maria T. BatistaDr. Maria T. Batista DMD

Dr. Maria T. Batista has been practicing dentary since 2004. She studied at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ and has been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association and the NJ Dental Association for 10 years. Currently working on her Fellowship from the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr Batista was selected as a 2013 Northern NJ Top dentist by the magazine Total Healthcare Resource and she takes pride in serving her patients with the best care.

Dr. Ramon BatistaDr. Ramon Batista

Dr. Ramon Batista has been practicing dentistry since 1974. Dr. Batista was a dentist and a professor of prosthodontics in his country of origin, Cuba. Doctor Batista always strived to do the best work he could for his patients, but being in a country with a political system where had no freedom as well as very limited professional growth, he immigrated to the United States. In the U.S., he attended New York University College of Dentistry to revalidate his dental degree. He graduated with honors, and he became a general dentistry practitioner once again. Dr. Batista is 100% committed to his profession. He continuously studies, and reads up on new techniques, discoveries, and research studies in dentistry. He treats his patients the way he would like to be treated himself, and never forgets where he comes from. His purpose is to treat patients the best way possible, always improve their oral health status, and practice conservative dentistry, where oral health prevails, and cosmetic procedures are done without aggressiveness. His philosophy is to give his patients long lasting healthy smiles. Dr. Ramon Batista is also a great husband to his wife, Rosa, who also helps him in the office, and he is a great father to his two daughters Rosie, and Mayte (aka Dr Maria Batista). In his free time, Dr. Ramon Batista enjoys working on his vegetable garden, spending time with his granddaughters, reading, traveling, playing chess, and keeping a healthy life style. 

Dr. Maria And Dr. Ramon are members of NJDA (New Jersey Dental Association) and Hudson County Dental Society.

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